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CyTE g8 Available

CyTE g8 is now available for download.
http://cyte.googlecode.com for all versions.
Also check the change log if you are using an older version.

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CyTE g7 to CyTE g8 Change Log

General Changes

Error reporting is no longer set to E_ALL by default
Added functions js_script and js_msg to util.php

Auth Changes

auth_level renamed to auth_requirement to avoid confusion
def_auth_lvl renamed to def_auth_req
ldap renamed to ldap_with_db
Stand alone LDAP auth class added named ldap
use_cookies option added to authorizer class (set to true by default in cyte config and auth constructor)

Data Access Changes

Moved [...]

To Follow CyTE’s Authorization

The page class has a variable called current_user which is an object of (user) which extends visitor which extends data_access. Visitor has a variable called authorizer which is an object of (defauth) which extends authorizer.
() = developer designed and the name is in the configuration file or passed to page.
Has variable current_user which is an [...]