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How to Write Django Template Tags

Template tags can be useful for making your applications more reusable by other projects. For this example I will be adding to the
books project that I started in a previous post. Also, I’ve bundled the
example files into a google code project.
Start off by creating a folder called templatetags in your app directory and [...]

How to Write Reusable Apps for Pinax and Django

Pinax is a collection of reusable django apps that brings together features that are common to many websites. It allows developers to focus on what makes their site unique. Here is an example of adding your own functionality to Pinax. It will also be an example of writing a reusable app since every individual app [...]

Django RequestContext Example

Browsing other peoples’ code is a great way to learn new things about a language or framework. I never made it to the Django docs about Contexts, but the
Pinax developers apparently did and I got a chance to learn this from them. This is a few sections of their code and how they use [...]