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Setting up Apache2, mod_python, MySQL, and Django on Debian Lenny or Ubuntu Hardy Heron

Both Debian and Ubuntu make it really simple to get a server up and running. I was trying a few different Machine Images on Amazon and I found myself repeating a lot of things so I wanted to put them here for reference for those who might find it useful.
With a fresh image, the first [...]

Just Heard About an Open-Source Database Conference

Baron Schwartz, the lead author of
High Performance MySQL 2nd Edition, has just
OpenSQL Camp 2008 over at
his blog.
Despite the name, this will be different from other Camp conferences you’ve been to. This is a combination of a planned event (with great speakers and sessions), semi-planned spontaneity (sessions to be decided by attendees [...]

Careful with Numeric Data Types in MySQL

TINYINT can be set to length of 4, but that doesn’t mean the max value is 9999. A tiny int will always have the same range no matter what size you specify since that isn’t what it is for with integers. It is the display width for the command line output.
This is what I was [...]

Conditions on Count or Sum in MySQL

When selecting count, sum, or some other aggregate function, the value isn’t determined until after the WHERE clause so a condition can’t be placed there. There is still syntax for specifying a condition for this, it is to use HAVING.
The following example is to count all of the logs an active user has made only [...]

Tips for MySQL to PostgreSQL Switch

If you’ve decided to move a few tables from MySQL to PostgreSQL, these few tips might help. I won’t get into any reasons why to move to PostgreSQL or not. There are already
many discussions on
the topic.
Create Syntax
The first five listed need to be done in order; the rest can be in any.

Replace mediumint [...]