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How to Speed up Your Django Sites with NginX, Memcached, and django-compress

A lot of these steps will speed up any kind of application, not just django projects, but there are a few django specific things. Everything has been tested on
IvyLees which is running in a Debian/Ubuntu environment.
These three simple steps will speed up your server and allow it to handle more traffic.

Reducing the Number of [...]

A New, Simple Way to Salt your Hashes

Maybe I’m not the first to think of this, but it just came to me. Instead of using a single string to season a whole site or saving each new salt with the salted hash, try using this method for simplicity. Take the string and concatenate itself after it. This way, both the value being [...]

Secure Your OpenID

There are a lot of phishing vulnerabilities with OpenID: see
http://marcoslot.net/apps/openid/ if you haven’t. One awesome solution I’ve come across is using
https://pip.verisignlabs.com/ as your OpenID provider and using their security key.
PayPal uses the security key also (and sells it for much cheaper). They send you a small device that fits on your key chain [...]