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How to Display Realtime Traffic Analytics

Users of
Presskit’n have been asking for traffic statistics on their press releases so I decided I would get them the most recent data possible. At first I was parsing the access log once a minute and when I was testing that I decided it wasn’t updating fast enough. I’ve gotten used to everything being [...]

Python Projects in Users’ Home Directories with wsgi

Letting users put static files and php files in a public_html folder in their home directory has been a common convention for some time. I created a way for users to have a public_python folder that will allow for python projects.
In the apache configuration files I created some regular expression patterns that will look for [...]

How to Speed up Your Django Sites with NginX, Memcached, and django-compress

A lot of these steps will speed up any kind of application, not just django projects, but there are a few django specific things. Everything has been tested on
IvyLees which is running in a Debian/Ubuntu environment.
These three simple steps will speed up your server and allow it to handle more traffic.

Reducing the Number of [...]


I got an e-mail saying that a server I administrate was attacked. There weren’t any details in the message, so later I find out that there was porn posted on the forums. Sounds like spam bots found the phpBB installation and had some fun.
OMG take the server offline immediately!!

addthis_url = [...]