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OpenID vs OAuth

After attending the recent
BarCamp, I realized how much talent the Orlando community has. Central Florida seems to be booming with web developers and start-ups. There was one such company that did about 3.5 presentations on the first day (I missed out on the second day). The .5 part was what interested me most. It [...]

New Stuff

I installed WordPress since I didn’t have enough time to commit to making
MorfU as awesome as I would like. The old Code Spatter layout was also getting stale, so I found some fresh WordPress skins that were listed on
this list of 100.
I copied all of the old posts into here and made sure [...]

Secure Your OpenID

There are a lot of phishing vulnerabilities with OpenID: see
http://marcoslot.net/apps/openid/ if you haven’t. One awesome solution I’ve come across is using
https://pip.verisignlabs.com/ as your OpenID provider and using their security key.
PayPal uses the security key also (and sells it for much cheaper). They send you a small device that fits on your key chain [...]

OpenID Enabled

If you haven’t stumbled upon any sites that use OpenID yet, I’ll fill you in on why you might be seeing it in more places soon. OpenID is a decentralized, single sign on system which allows visitors to use one set of credentials for multiple websites. And, since it’s decentralized, there are many providers to [...]

More CyTE Improvements

In addition to the changes listed at
http://dev.cyproject.net/ , I will be modifying the OpenID authorization to be more usable.
The OpenID stuff packaged in the last release was just copied from
http://tinyid.us when I was writing it for that.
I will add another auth_routine that doesn’t require a database and will just use sessions like the [...]