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How to Display Realtime Traffic Analytics

Users of
Presskit’n have been asking for traffic statistics on their press releases so I decided I would get them the most recent data possible. At first I was parsing the access log once a minute and when I was testing that I decided it wasn’t updating fast enough. I’ve gotten used to everything being [...]

Python Projects in Users’ Home Directories with wsgi

Letting users put static files and php files in a public_html folder in their home directory has been a common convention for some time. I created a way for users to have a public_python folder that will allow for python projects.
In the apache configuration files I created some regular expression patterns that will look for [...]

A Django Model Manager for Soft Deleting Records and How to Customize the Django Admin

Sometimes it’s good to hide things instead of deleting them. Users may accidentally delete something and this way there will be an extra backup. The way I’ve been doing this is I set a flag in the database, deleted = 1. I wrote this code to automatically hide records from django if they are flagged.

Django [...]

Django Single Sign On or a Solution to Multi-domain Cookies

I’ve been working on a project for a while and it has recently started to expand to an additional domain name. The domains will be using the same user base and I want to make it simple for users to be logged in at both applications. With a little research I dug up a few [...]

How to Speed up Your Django Sites with NginX, Memcached, and django-compress

A lot of these steps will speed up any kind of application, not just django projects, but there are a few django specific things. Everything has been tested on
IvyLees which is running in a Debian/Ubuntu environment.
These three simple steps will speed up your server and allow it to handle more traffic.

Reducing the Number of [...]