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Setting up Apache2, mod_python, MySQL, and Django on Debian Lenny or Ubuntu Hardy Heron

Both Debian and Ubuntu make it really simple to get a server up and running. I was trying a few different Machine Images on Amazon and I found myself repeating a lot of things so I wanted to put them here for reference for those who might find it useful.
With a fresh image, the first [...]

Static Files in Django on Production and Development

Update 2009-03-25
I realize why this isn’t needed. If your production environment is set up correctly, django will never serve the static urls and you aren’t running the django development server anyways, so having django.views.static.serve in your urls file won’t hurt anything. But it is nice to have if multiple people will be developing this on [...]

Quick Thumbnails in Django

I normally like to write code myself instead of installing some large script just to do one task for me. There were a few scripts out there that could create thumbnails, but I wanted something simple and wouldn’t use most of those features. Plus, I wanted to know how to use the Python Image Library [...]

A New, Simple Way to Salt your Hashes

Maybe I’m not the first to think of this, but it just came to me. Instead of using a single string to season a whole site or saving each new salt with the salted hash, try using this method for simplicity. Take the string and concatenate itself after it. This way, both the value being [...]

Implementing HaloScan Powered Comments

For some time now, I’ve been using a
Magic the Gathering card database for a testing bed for various things. Earlier today
I learned about a service that will provide commenting functionality for your website.
HaloScan was easy to set up even for a non-blog type website. It only required a few lines of pasted [...]