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Getting Basecamp API Working with Python

I found
one library that was linked everywhere, but it wasn’t working for me. I was always getting 400 Bad Request when using it. Chris Conover was able to get the following code working.

import urllib2
protocol = ‘https://’
url = ‘example.com’
command = ‘/projects.xml’
headers = {’Accept’ : ‘application/xml’,
‘Content-type’ : ‘applications/xml’}
username = ‘x’
password = ‘y’
# Setup password stuff
passman [...]

The People Make SXSW Awesome

I didn’t hear much about
SXSW before going. I knew there would be a lot of presentations to see and there would be a few parties. I never expected the parties to be more valuable than the presentations and I was completely surprised by that.
The evening events were a great chance to meet people that [...]

PHP Developers, Keep me Sane

There has been one thing that has driven me crazy since the begining days of my php programming. I understand that using @ to suppress errors can be useful. But what I don’t understand is why php would ever want to suppress a fatal error. Normally if @function() causes a fatal error, the error will [...]

Just Heard About an Open-Source Database Conference

Baron Schwartz, the lead author of
High Performance MySQL 2nd Edition, has just
OpenSQL Camp 2008 over at
his blog.
Despite the name, this will be different from other Camp conferences you’ve been to. This is a combination of a planned event (with great speakers and sessions), semi-planned spontaneity (sessions to be decided by attendees [...]

Updated Theme and Comments

I ran across
this skin while looking for new ones for a different blog. It happened to look similar to what I was hoping to create someday so I thought I would use it for a while. I’ve already modified a few small things to get it to look a little more to my liking, [...]