The name MorfU is an anagram of the word forum. The goal of this project is to combine features of Weblogs, Wikis, and Forums. They all have similarities so the same code should be able to produce all three with little variance.

Currently, MorfU only has blog features and the first version of it was tested when creating Code Spatter.

It has now been packaged as a very special g-beta. All that means is, I don’t guarantee anything and good luck with it. Soon things will be flushed out and more features will be added.

If you end up using this software and add features of your own, you are welcome to contribute to the project. I don’t have svn or anything set up, so we’ll figure it out when we get there.

Feature List and very little info at

Package downloadable from [Link Removed (project abandoned at the moment)]

I use webfaction to host a lot of my django projects. It has an easy setup that will get you developing quickly and a great community of talented programmers. There is also a quick setup for rails, wordpress, and a lot more.

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