Over the 3-day weekend I got together with a group of web developers that have free time on their hands and great ideas to throw around. On various occasions we had talked about how we wanted to make something that would be helpful to many people and maybe even change the world. We knew the last part was a bit of a stretch, but the idea remained the same; use our talent to make an awesome web application. Then we heard about http://startupweekend.com/ and thought it would be a great idea for us to get together and try something similar.

The resulting idea from the weekend was a website where local and global issues could be discussed. Users could post issues that concern them and then users could post proposed solutions to that issue. Those solutions would then be voted on by users and hopefully result in a resolution or plan of action.

We knew there would be a learning curve to getting something going with Ruby on Rails, but we knew it would be easier in the long run and learning a new language is always fun.

The application is named Mobulous and can be found at one of those fancy URLs with the .us domains. At http://Mobulo.us you will currently find a sign up form to be invited to the closed beta (when it happens) and to be notified of the launch of the application.

If you keep checking back there (or here) there will be more teasers thrown up as we have more parts developed.

I hope to resolve some issues with you soon.

I use webfaction to host a lot of my django projects. It has an easy setup that will get you developing quickly and a great community of talented programmers. There is also a quick setup for rails, wordpress, and a lot more.

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