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How to Write Reusable Apps for Pinax and Django

Pinax is a collection of reusable django apps that brings together features that are common to many websites. It allows developers to focus on what makes their site unique. Here is an example of adding your own functionality to Pinax. It will also be an example of writing a reusable app since every individual app [...]

OpenID vs OAuth

After attending the recent
BarCamp, I realized how much talent the Orlando community has. Central Florida seems to be booming with web developers and start-ups. There was one such company that did about 3.5 presentations on the first day (I missed out on the second day). The .5 part was what interested me most. It [...]

New Stuff

I installed WordPress since I didn’t have enough time to commit to making
MorfU as awesome as I would like. The old Code Spatter layout was also getting stale, so I found some fresh WordPress skins that were listed on
this list of 100.
I copied all of the old posts into here and made sure [...]

Secure Your OpenID

There are a lot of phishing vulnerabilities with OpenID: see
http://marcoslot.net/apps/openid/ if you haven’t. One awesome solution I’ve come across is using
https://pip.verisignlabs.com/ as your OpenID provider and using their security key.
PayPal uses the security key also (and sells it for much cheaper). They send you a small device that fits on your key chain [...]

OpenID Enabled

If you haven’t stumbled upon any sites that use OpenID yet, I’ll fill you in on why you might be seeing it in more places soon. OpenID is a decentralized, single sign on system which allows visitors to use one set of credentials for multiple websites. And, since it’s decentralized, there are many providers to [...]