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Keep Friends Posted While on the Road

Going on an
amazing road trip used to mean that you couldn’t update your stay-at-home friends about the stupid things you’ve done on your adventures until you return. I am going on the
BABE Rally with an old, ‘71 VW Van. My friends at home will all remain updated throughout the trip since with current [...]

Real Blogging Power

I feel like having WordPress installed has helped to give me real blogging power. I’ve written two articles that I haven’t published yet because I don’t feel like they are ready. These may have gone unwritten if I was still using the old, incomplete blog I wrote myself.
Why this is worthy and the other two [...]

Introducing MorfU g1

The name MorfU is an anagram of the word forum. The goal of this project is to combine features of Weblogs, Wikis, and Forums. They all have similarities so the same code should be able to produce all three with little variance.
Currently, MorfU only has blog features and the first version of it was tested [...]

Layout Upgrade

I didn’t want to go too Web 2.0 trendy, but went ahead and did the stripes anyways. After I spent hours working on making the image, I wanted to make a script that would do it automatically given some specifications. Then I thought of searching to see if someone else had done it.
http://www.stripegenerator.com/ ended [...]