CyTE g9 is now available for download.
See for all versions.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added the include_files function to the utility functions. It will include all files in a directory. Used for including all files in the classes directory. (make sure dependencies are required in the class file since the order in which this function includes is … uhh … seemingly random.)
  • Files in /cyte/classes are now included automatically
  • Added singleton DB connection in the data_access class.
  • Added folder support in the keys folder so that keys may be organized. If there are multiple keys with the same name, the last one to be found will be used.
  • Added class_path to template conf array in config file.

OpenID Stuff Added

  • Added OpenID auth routine
  • Added OpenID post handler that handles the initial post of the OpenID.
  • Added a way to grab an OpenID when being sent back from an OpenID provider to the abstract authorizer class.
  • Added functions to user.class.php for managing OpenID stuff.
  • Added some PEAR modules for OpenID authentication.
  • Added sample SQL for creating tables for OpenID management.

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