In addition to the changes listed at , I will be modifying the OpenID authorization to be more usable.
The OpenID stuff packaged in the last release was just copied from when I was writing it for that.

I will add another auth_routine that doesn’t require a database and will just use sessions like the ldap version without the database. To follow the naming trend that I used for the ldap routines, I will rename the current one to openid_with_db and the new one will be named openid.

I will also set up a working example of using openid out of the box.


I should probably note somewhere that this won’t work on all servers out of the box. I’ll list a few server requirements here and maybe include a readme.

  • Enable either the GMP extension or Bcmath extension. (GMP is STRONGLY recommended because it’s MUCH faster!)
  • Enable the CURL extension.

I use webfaction to host a lot of my django projects. It has an easy setup that will get you developing quickly and a great community of talented programmers. There is also a quick setup for rails, wordpress, and a lot more.

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